“I am so grateful for the opportunity to create a program that combines my two greatest loves– music and children.

Nothing thrills me more than to see a child light up when they hear music – except maybe seeing a whole room full of them!”



Sound Play is the culmination of over 20 years of professional performing and teaching experiences. After graduating from the Boston Conservatory with a Master’s degree in Music, I performed professionally in Boston and New York for many years; choir directing, music directing, and teaching all ages- from young families to adults- along the way.

Now that I am the mom of two boys, I have the privilege of watching them experiment with music: composing on various instruments (and digital devices!), making up new lyrics to favorite tunes, and breaking out into silly dance parties. Music is a natural part of our home life, and it is my hope to inspire other families to make it part of theirs as well.

More and more scientific studies are showing what most parents already know- that music is beneficial to many areas of children’s growth and development. Music also builds community, bringing people of all ages together in the pursuit of joy and beauty. My greatest wish is to build a community of people who simply want to share the joy of making music together; with the added benefit of witnessing our children grow and learn alongside us.”



Chantha has been using music and movement to educate young children for over ten years across many centers in the Boston area and the North Shore. When he’s not singing and laughing in his lively classes, he’s doing more of the same with his Kindergartner daughter and toddler son as a full time daddy. 



Mikki has been a licensed early education teacher for six years and is currently a graduate student at Lesley University for a dual certificate of MT-BC and LMHC to become a certified music therapist. They have a B.A. in Music Education from UMass Lowell and have used music and movement in the classroom ever since. When not making music or studying, they spend their free time exploring the aerial art of lyra, crocheting, and playing with their cat, Rune.