*Music classes are temporarily cancelled until further notice.  Stay safe everyone, and keep singing!! 


PLEASE DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL FOOD PANTRY, and then enjoy this at-home Sound Play class!

Be sure to clear some space for boogie-ing down, and find something to shake that makes noise (fill an empty water bottle with beans, or put a small toy inside a sippy cup). You will have the most fun if you participate with your child (really- the laundry can wait 😉)  And don’t forget to blast some of your favorite tunes at home to kick off an impromptu dance party- it is what we all need right now! 

Even when we’re stuck at home, far apart from each other, music brings us together. I’ll be sharing songs and activities on the Sound Play facebook page.  Like us here:   https://www.facebook.com/soundplaymc/  to join in the fun! And when this is all over, I think we’ll need to have a big music party to share all the songs we’ve learned- who’s with me?!!

Take care of each other, and I’ll see you all shortly, in the “not-so-socially-distant” future!

Amy Chin

Founder, Sound Play Music 

Contact: amy@sound-play-music.com


Sound Play- Mixed-Age Music Classes (ages newborn-5 years)

Welcome to Sound Play!, an action-packed, joy-filled music and movement class for children from newborn through age five and their grown-ups. Serving the North Shore with locations in North Reading and Stoneham, MA, Sound Play music programs offer a sound musical foundation through singing, dancing, playing instruments, making friends, and having fun!  Read more…

Sound Beginnings- Babies Classes  (newborn-12 months)

Your baby wants to see the world!  Exposing them to music, new friends, and new experiences builds a foundation of  learning for years to come. Introduce them to the world of music, and experience the wonder in their eyes. And make new friends yourself along the way!  Read more…

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